Spinney Hill Medical Centre

Women’s Health Hub Service

Spinney Hill Medical Centre, which is part of Belgrave & Spinney PCN, are now offering a “Women’s Health Hub Service” appointments during the weekdays between the hours of 6.30pm to 8.00pm. 

Please contact Spinney Hill Medical Centre the usual way to speak to one of our clinician. 



– Coil fit / remove/replace

– Implant fit / remove/replace


– Heavy menstrual bleeding 

– Dysmenorrhea

– Lost coil threads 

– Deep implants

– Amenorrhea

– Intermenstrual bleeding

– Urinary Incontinence

– Utero-vaginal prolapse

– Vaginal ring pessary fit    

– Benign ovarian cysts

– Pelvic pain

– Cervical polyps 


– Assessment and On-going management

– Provide patient information leaflet and questionnaire to bring along to appointment (to be provided)