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Breast Screening

What is breast screening?

Cancer screening involves testing apparently healthy people for signs that could show that a cancer is developing.

Breast screening uses a test called mammography which involves taking x-rays of the breasts. Screening can help to find breast cancers early when they are too small to see or feel. These tiny breast cancers are usually easier to treat than larger ones.

It is important to remember that screening will not prevent you from getting breast cancer but aims to find early breast cancers.

Overall, the breast screening programme finds cancer in around 9 out of every 1,000 women having screening.

Who has Breast Screening? 

Each year more than 2 million women have breast cancer screening in the UK. The NHS Breast Screening Programme invites all women from the age of 50 to 70 for screening every 3 years. This means that some people may not have their first screening mammogram until they are 52 or 53 years. 

If you’re a trans man, trans woman or are non-binary you may be invited automatically, or you may need to talk to your GP surgery or call the local breast screening service to ask for an appointment.

You need to be registered with a GP surgery to be invited for breast screening.

Breast screening if you are trans or non-binary

You may be asked to wait in a waiting room when you arrive. You can talk to the staff if you don’t feel comfortable waiting with other people.

Private changing areas are available, so you can get undressed just before the mammogram.

What happens at your breast screening appointment

During breast screening you’ll have 4 breast X-rays (mammograms), 2 for each breast.

The mammograms are done by a specialist called a mammographer. The mammographer will be female.

The mammograms only take a few minutes. The whole appointment should take about 30 minutes.

Before starting, the mammographer will check your details with you and ask if you have had any breast problems.

They will also explain what will happen during the screening and answer any questions you have.

Your breast screening results

Your breast screening (mammogram) results will be posted to you, usually within 2 weeks of your appointment.

They will also be sent to the GP surgery you are registered with.

Where to go for your Breast Screening in Leicester

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Glenfield Breast Care Centre
Glenfield Hospital
Groby Road
0116 2583644