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GP Training

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Spinney Hill Medical Centre has been assessed and approved for the training of fully qualified doctors who wish to gain experience in General Practice. (such doctors are known as GP Registrars)

These doctors who have years of experience, will be present at the practice and you may be offered an appointment with them.

Sometimes consultations may be recorded as part of this training, but you will be asked for your agreement to this before each consulation and asked to confirm that you are still in agreement after the consultation.

As we are a training practice, your medical records may be used for educational purposes.

Additionally, from time to time, we employ Locum GPs who are fully qualified in helping the practice during times of holidays, sickness and maternity leave.



Spinney Hill Medical Centre

143 St Saviours Road

Telephone: 0116 319 2568


132 Doncaster Road

Telephone: 0116 319 6717


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